Candlemas and its pancakes!

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Crêpes et chandeleur à Sarreguemines

Candlemas in France is a time to enjoy good pancakes, made with good local products! And they are even better when you can add to them with the many local delicacies (spread, honey, jam or salted butter caramel). We also share with you two good addresses where you can taste a good pancake in Sarreguemines... And of course we went to taste them for you!

 We interview professionals!

We went to meet two restaurants in Sarreguemines, Le Bounty and Le Sirop d’Érable, who have made the crepe a staple of their establishments and asked them a few questions:

Le Bounty

La crêpe Kinder du Bounty à SarregueminesJLauer – Sarreguemines Tourisme
La crêpe Kinder du Bounty à Sarreguemines
  • What is a good pancake for you? “It is above all good products for the preparation of the pancake batter, like our eggs which come from a farm near Sarreguemines.”
  • What is the best pancake filling? “We offer a crepe with caramelised apples in cider with homemade salted butter caramel, a real treat! Not forgetting our Kinder crepe!”
  • How many pancakes do you offer on the menu? “On our map, we have about 15 of them.”
  • Any last words? “We always focus on the quality of ingredients and fillings!”

Au Sirop d’Érable

La crêpe gourmande du Sirop d'ÉrableJLauer – Sarreguemines Tourisme
La crêpe gourmande du Sirop d'Érable
  • What is a good pancake for you? “The quality of the dough and the choice of ingredients. For example, using semi-salted butter instead of oil!”
  • What is the best pancake filling? “The most popular one in our house is the gourmet crepe, with its duo of homemade chocolate and salted butter caramel coulis!”
  • How many pancakes do you offer on the menu? “Our menu offers 25 crêpes.”
  • Any last words? “If you want to make thin pancakes with less grace, you should invest in a small electric pancake maker.”

  Where to enjoy a good pancake in Sarreguemines? 

There are 2 places where you can enjoy a good pancake in Sarreguemines, Le Sirop d’Érable and Le Bounty. Here is a small presentation!

Restaurant Au Sirop d'Érable à SarregueminesAu Sirop d’Érable
Restaurant Au Sirop d'Érable à Sarreguemines

Au Sirop d’Érable

11 rue Louis Pasteur, 57200 Sarreguemines
In an atypical setting of zinc, copper and wood in an industrial atmosphere, enjoy a good sweet or savoury crêpe. The wide menu, which offers specialities prepared with fresh and organic products, will delight all gourmets!



Glacier le BountyJLauer – Sarreguemines Tourisme
Glacier le Bounty

Le Bounty

9 rue Louis Pasteur, 57200 Sarreguemines
This little address, well known to the Sarregueminois, reminds us of a famous chocolate bar with coconut filling. Behind the shop window, a surprising décor is hidden… Wooden benches, walls imitating those of a cave and of course sculptures and portraits of pirates!


 What about the ingredients? Good local products!

Produits de la ferme de la CharmilleLa Charmille
Produits de la ferme de la Charmille

La Ferme de la Charmille

1 route de Woustviller, 57990 Hundling

In all pancake recipes, two ingredients are essential: flour and eggs! The Ferme de la Charmille in Hundling offers you organic chicken eggs, raised on the farm in the open air, but also organic wholemeal flour or organic wholemeal flour!


Bières de la Grenouille AssoifféeGrenouille Assoiffée
Bières de la Grenouille Assoiffée

La Grenouille Assoiffée

26 Grand Rue, 57670 Vahl-lès-Bénestroff

Do you put beer in your recipe? What could be better than a traditional Moselle beer for an incomparable taste? Try the beer of the Grenouille Assoiffée, seasonal, blonde, brown, amber, mirabelle plum and white, you are spoilt for choice!

 But what to put on my pancakes?

The most important thing is to make a good crepe… But what would a good crepe be without a good filling? The know-how of our craftsmen will satisfy all gourmets and there is something for all tastes and budgets! We have made a selection for you:


Les confitures de MartineSVal – SgmsTourisme
Les confitures de Martine

Martine’s jams

10 rue de Metz, 57510 Puttelange-aux-Lacs

Martine FOEGEL prepares her own jams with fruit from her orchard, and for some varieties, with fruit from organic or sustainable agriculture.
Her jams are on sale in our shop!

Miel de Didier Schmitt à ZéttingSval – SgmsTourisme
Miel de Didier Schmitt à Zétting

Honey by Didier Schmitt

5 chemin touristique du Langenberg, 57905 ZETTING

Didier Schmitt is a passionate beekeeper! In his garden, on the heights of Zetting, 35 hives are cared for so that the bees can forage peacefully.
Her honey is on sale in our shop!


Pâte à tartiner Jeff de BrugesJeff de Bruges
Pâte à tartiner Jeff de Bruges

Jeff de Bruges spreads

1 rue Sainte-Croix, 57200 Sarreguemines

At Jeff de Bruges you will find intense hazelnut, hazelnut and crêpe dentelle spreads as well as hazelnut and honey nougat spreads! Without palm oil and enriched with hazelnut.

Nut'lich et caramel a tartiner - FroehlichBoulangerie FROEHLICH
Nut'lich et caramel a tartiner - Froehlich

Nut’lich and caramel spread from Froehlich Bakery

1 rue Poincaré, 57200 Sarreguemines

The Froehlich bakery offers you several home-made products: a spread, salted butter caramel and jams!


Pâte à tartiner Franck KestenerFranck Kestener
Pâte à tartiner Franck Kestener

Kestener spreads

6 rue Gutenberg, 57200 Sarreguemines

The Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier Confiseur, Franck Kestener, offers you 4 spreads: salted butter caramel, chocolate cream, almond hazelnut praline and hazelnut piemont praline.

Pâte à tartiner LéonidasLéonidas
Pâte à tartiner Léonidas

Leonidas spreads

11 rue Sainte-Croix, 57200 Sarreguemines

Discover Leonidas spreads, made with sunflower oil and cocoa butter, which come in three flavours: Manon (white chocolate and coffee), hazelnut and intense dark!

Café Gurtner de SarregueminesCafé Gurtner de Sarreguemines
Café Gurtner de Sarreguemines

Gurtner Coffee – Jams and spreads

19 rue Sainte-Croix, 57200 Sarreguemines

At Gurtner, you can enjoy good coffee and tea, but not only! You will find hazelnut spread, caramel spreads and original gourmet jams.


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