Extérieur des Saarland Therme
Relaxing like in the South

Saarland Therme

in Rilchingen-Hanweiler

Welcome to the Saarland Therme in Rilchingen-Hanweiler, Germany! This rejuvenating place promises absolute relaxation in the midst of Hispano-Moorish architecture.

The relaxation paradise of the

Saarland Therme

Saarland Therme

Fascinating architecture...

The Saarland Therme was built on a Hispano-Moorish model, punctuated by careful details for a moment of escape. Real Andalusian tiles adorn the walls, mixed with tadelaskt, the ancient Moroccan lime plaster.

The lighting fixtures, made in Morocco, cast shadows on the ceiling and walls for a very pleasant atmosphere at nightfall. During the day, light enters through large, slim windows, typical of the Arab world. The special attraction of the roof is impressive: made entirely of glass, it can be opened in the summer to transform the hall into an exceptional place.

Femme sous jet d'eau au Saarland Therme

... and a rejuvenating water!

Since time immemorial, there has been a salt water spring in Rilchingen. This healing and thermal water is used to fill the pools of the entire complex!

The valuable thermal water of the Saarland Therme comes from a 750 metre deep well belonging to the spa. This water has been certified and classified as "Eau Curative" by the Fresenius Institute*.

*One of the largest independent testing institutes in Europe is Fresenius. Founded in 1848 by Carl Remigius Fresenius, the institute of the same name stands for safety, health and consumer protection.

Water is life!

The different baths

The healing bath

At the Saarland Therme, the water temperature varies between 30 and 37 degrees depending on the pool. The water and its temperature have a positive effect on rheumatic diseases and degenerative diseases of the joints and spine. It optimises the results of post-operative care or treatment following accidental injuries.

Arab baths

There are three types of Arabic baths: the revitalising bath, the mineral bath and the Kneipp bath. The revitalising bath is enriched with iodine for its disinfecting and healing properties. The alkaline mineral bath, enriched with zinc, rebalances the skin, nails and hair. The Kneipp bath, alternating hot and cold water, ensures a healthy interaction between body and mind.

The salt water bath

The 34-degree water in the saltwater pool is comparable to the precious water of the Dead Sea. This salt water bath is rich in magnesium and helps to soothe dry, hypersensitive and irritated skin. There is also a salt water inhalation room heated to 45 degrees: this salty air has, like sea air, benefits on the respiratory tract.

Entrance fees

to the Saarland Therme

Monday to Friday

● 2 hours: € 22.50
● 4 hours: € 27.50
● Day: € 32.50

Weekends and public holidays

2 hours: € 25.00
4 hours: € 30.00
Day: € 35.00


For access to the sauna area without textiles on the floor of the Saarland Therme, a surcharge of € 5.00 per entry is charged.

The car park of the Saarland Therme is free of charge for our guests.

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