Halloween shivers at the Sarreguemines Media Library!

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Halloween à la médiathèque de Sarreguemines

On Saturday 30 October, the striking spirits of Halloween will be setting up shop at the Sarreguemines Community Media Library! A programme for all ages to thrill the whole family.

Trick or treat?

Halloween programme

at the Sarreguemines Media Library

On this Halloween day, ghosts are haunting the Médiathèque. You can hear creaking and slamming of doors… In a corner, witches tell scary stories. Funny carved apples light up one after the other! Crazy creatures in bloody aprons are busy in the kitchen. The most terrifying masks will be on display!

Come and spend a festive and unforgettable day of horror at the Sarreguemines Media Library. Leave your fears behind, wear your best costume and ask the librarians if they prefer sweets or a spell!

 On Saturday 30 October 2021

 Mask and drawing competition
It’s up to each child to let their imagination run wild! From 12 to 28 October, come and submit their scariest drawing or their scariest mask to take part in this competition! Prizes will be awarded on 30 October at 11.30am.
The rules of the competition are available here.

 Reading, treasure hunt and crafts – Le Graoully!
 at 10.15am, 11am, 2.15pm and 3pm
 5 years + | 45 min | on registration

 The pumpkin that goes boo hoo – Pop-up card crafting
 Room for youth activities
 at 10 am, 11 am, 2 pm and 3 pm
 7 years + | 1h | on registration

 Cooking workshop – The poison apple
 at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm
 6 – 12 years old | 45 min | on registration

 Screenings of dusty cartoons
 All day long
 3 years + | free admission all day long

 Games from beyond the grave (Beausoleil toy library)
 All day long
 Free admission all day long

 Dare you? Virtual reality helmet
 All day long
 15 years + | free admission all day long

 Sculpture of grinning fruits
 All day long
 All ages | free admission all day long

 Scary fun mini games 
 Youth work room
 All day long
 4 years + | free admission all day

 Wednesday 3 November 2021

 The day of the grimaces
 at 10.30 am and 2.30 pm
 4 years + | 1h | on registration

The day of the grimaces is the day when we prepare the first winter vigil, the day when the old stories resurface, the stories that scare, those that make you think, those that make you laugh too. The old shrew who is called a witch, the silly child who makes mistakes, the rich man in the village who is afraid of losing everything, death who gets caught…
So many stories that reveal the ambient state of mind, the imagination that is attached to this period of the year when people were preparing for the harshness of winter, in a ritual of conviviality.

Halloween médiathèque Sarreguemines© Guillaume Louis
Le Jour des Grimaces, Contes pour frissonner

Would you like to register?

  • By telephone on 0033 3 87 28 60 80
  • Directly at the reception of the Sarreguemines Community Media Library, 4 Chaussée de Louvain

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