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Edith Friche, Petit nid bleu dans la verdure

8 March is International Women's Rights Day. And on this occasion, we went to meet three inspiring and passionate women of our destination and we offer you their portrait in words and pictures... This third portrait is dedicated to Edith Friche, manager of a bed and breakfast in Sarreguemines.

Edith Friche, Petit nid bleu dans la verdure© JLauer Sarreguemines Tourisme
Edith Friche, Petit nid bleu dans la verdure


 Manager of a bed and breakfast

 Petit nid bleu dans la verdure, Sarreguemines

What is your background?

So, before arriving here in Sarreguemines, my husband and I had a business: a bakery, pastry shop and chocolate shop that we ran for 30 years. When we retired, we wanted to come and live here, in the region. We were looking for a house for our retirement! I’m originally from Forbach and my husband from the Sarrebourg area… Then we said to ourselves Sarreguemines, why not, I didn’t know about tourism in Sarreguemines! And in the end there are so many things to discover. Since we’ve retired, we’ve really discovered some beautiful things. We’ve had the B&B for 6 or 7 years now, and we have no regrets!

How was the bed and breakfast born?

This house is relatively large and so the idea emerged: why not have people come to our house? Besides, we were a bit afraid of isolation. Socially, we wanted to stay in touch with people! So that’s how the idea of creating a bed and breakfast came about. We can say that we were very much supported by our daughters! They often use this type of accommodation when they are away, abroad, etc. One thing led to another, and after talking about it, we created Le petit nid bleu dans la verdure!

What inspires you on a daily basis?

What inspires me on a daily basis? First of all, the environment! It’s something that my husband and I take very much to heart. We were “locked in” for so many years with the job we had, we worked every day, even on holidays. I also have a great passion for flowers, for outdoor decoration and riding motorbikes. Personally, I am very interested in social work and relationships with people. It is something very vital for me!

Petit nid bleu dans la verdure© JLauer Sarreguemines Tourisme
Petit nid bleu dans la verdure

Do you have any plans for the future?

Yes, of course, you have to have plans! They are mainly well-being projects, to enjoy life as a couple. Because once again, with the job we had, it wasn’t easy. We are both bikers and we like to go on 2 or 3 day trips to discover our region and France. We hope to be able to do this together for a long time to come.

What does it mean to you to be a woman in your professional life?

The place of women is very important. She represents a huge social link! We have a different feeling than men, it’s not a criticism, it’s just the way it is! When we wanted to open a bed and breakfast, my husband was perhaps a little more reluctant than I was, simply because he was less used to socialising than I was. His job brought him more isolation whereas I had much more contact with people. In our bakery, I was in every position! That’s also the role of the woman. She can be everywhere, reconcile things… This quality of the woman allows everything to be much more concise. It softens things up a bit [smile]! Once again, I come back to my social need, I am a very good listener. I’ve actually done some training on this subject. And it’s useful in the way I welcome my guests and in my life as a couple.

6 impasse Victor Hugo
57200 Sarreguemines

Journée internationale des droits de la Femme© Freepik – Sarreguemines Tourisme
Journée internationale des droits de la Femme
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