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Four à Faïence à Sarreguemines
We selected

Our must sees

Passing through our region? Your program is all found! Here is our selection of places to discover, places to stroll or even sites to learn. Between nature and culture, travellers will be delighted and even insider will be surprised!

Parc archéologique européen Bliesbruck-Reinheim
Know-how and local history in

Sites and museums

How about going back in time? Come back to the traces and remains of our Gallo-Roman ancestors at the Archaeological Park of Bliesbruck, relive the daily life of the workers from the ceramic manufacture in the industrial era at the museums of Sarreguemines or dive into the military history of the Maginot Aquatic Line in Sarralbe.

Our history is rich: of know-how, industry, art, archaeological remains, sometimes also conflicts ... It is with interesting themes (Ceramics of Sarreguemines, Maginot Aquatic Line...) and passionate historians that the sites and museums of our territory open their doors and share their knowledge.


Jardin des Faïenciers à Sarreguemines
Make a stop in our

Parks, gardens and arboretums

Are you tempted by a flowery parenthesis? Let yourself be guided by the paths of the parks, gardens or arboretums of our region. Quiet corners, where it is good to walk in the tree lined paths or the flower beds...

How is it with a flowery stroll? A break in the shade of the trees? Our parks and gardens invite you to relax and observe nature in their lush green surroundings. The most passionate gardeners will marvel at the variety of floral species at the Jardin des Faïenciers, while dreamers can do endless walks on the paths of the arboretum in Sarralbe...


Architecture de Sarreguemines
Discover our

Urban circuits

During your walk, pass through the eras while just looking up… Astonishing architectures, results of a mixture of genres and cultures, little treasures hidden in the facades: this is what awaits you on our historical circuits in the heart of the cities of our destination.

It's time to discover our cities and their treasures! And what treasures: the historic routes will make the most curious look up. Particular architectures, with French touch here, with German accents there, in a lot of our towns and villages. And when nature invites itself, we keep our eyes wide open: a stork in its nest or a heron on its shore may be hidden there...


Digue de l'étang de Rémering les Puttelange

The aquatic Maginot line

The traditional image we have of the Maginot Line is that of underground structures, of which only the combat blocks protrude from the ground. However, between Hoste, Sarralbe and Wittring, it’s a little bit different: it becomes “Aquatic”. But why aquatic?!


Château de Malbrouck
Discover the

Sites “Passionnément Moselle”

The Passionnément Moselle sites allow you to discover and share the cultural and natural heritage of the Moselle. The sites Moselle passion, properties of the Departmental Council, will enchant you, entertain you and excite you!

Archaeological remains, exceptional gardens, monuments from the middle ages, painting museums or even world-renowned ecological ponds… discover the magic of these exceptional places!