Parking à Sarreguemines
Parking for your

Stay in Sarreguemines

That's it, you've arrived at your destination! And the first thing to do to start this trip, it will be to… find a place to park your car! As close as possible to the various tourist sites and towns in the agglomeration, park with complete peace of mind to get closer to your amenities.

Carte des parkings de Sarreguemines
Zones bleues de stationnement à Sarreguemines
Parking in

Blue areas

In the town center of Sarreguemines, some parking spaces are delimited by blue markings. It signals you that parking is possible when you have a blue disc, to be highlighted under your windshield and indicating the start time of parking. From the latter, you will have parking for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Applications de stationnement des parking de Sarreguemines
How do the

Parking applications work

In Sarreguemines, you can use applications to adjust and manage your parking. You can use following applications:

These applications allow you to easily adjust your parking, pay only for what you have used and remotely extend your parking, if necessary.