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The Office de Tourisme Sarreguemines Confluences has an online store! It offers clothing and items in Platt (local dialect), items and goodies made by local artisans, a whole collection of souvenirs, books, games, not to mention gift cards and stays!

 PLATT clothes and objects

What is Le Platt?
Lorraine Franconian, still often referred to as “Le Platt”, is one of the regional languages of Lorraine. Lorraine Franconian is one of the most spoken regional languages, ahead of Basque and Corsican.

We offer a wide range of items, clothing and accessories made of PLATT (T-shirt, apron, cup, tea towel, glass, glove, oven mitt, etc.). Here are our latest novelties :

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 Arts and crafts

Here you will find the products of our local and regional artisans such as the soaps of La Grange aux Herbes, the goji berry jam of Goji du Val, the cookies of Ros’eli from Obergailbach, the soap dish Stipson made by the museums of Sarreguemines and many others. Here are some novelties in photos :

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Weihnachtsstimmung in der Boutique des Office de Tourisme Sarreguemines Confluences

 Souvenirs & Collections

Of course, the Office de Tourisme also offers souvenirs! You will find T-shirts, magnets, keychains, mugs, stickers, as well as beans made in the Museum of Sarreguemines, a collector’s item, and not to forget Patapon, the heron made of plush, the emblem of the city of Sarreguemines. Some novelties:

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A large selection of books for young and old awaits you, but also the game Sarreguemines-Bitche! Works steeped in history such as the beautiful book Sarreguemines Ville Pensée are also available, without forgetting some CDs with local music. Here are some bestsellers:

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 Gift card and stays

As a gift certificate to give away, we offer turnkey stays that include admission to the Saarland Therme and a lunch or dinner. We also offer single entries to the Saarland Therme. Our current offer :

Offre pour un séjour journée plaisirSarreguemines Tourisme
Offre pour un séjour journée plaisir

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Of course, all these products are also available in our store at 8 rue Poincaré in Sarreguemines.

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