Le Goji du Val: Nicolas Flory hides behind 100% local goji berries

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Portrait de Nicolas Flory, Le Goji du Val

Did you know that the goji berry, this super fruit, was cultivated here in Val-de-Guéblange? And behind this little red berry is Nicolas Flory, a young man who is not short of resources. After a period of adventure in China, he decided to become a farmer. We went to meet him!

Enseigne Le Goji du Val© C.Turpin – Sarreguemines Tourisme
Enseigne Le Goji du Val
Nicolas Flory

Le Goji du Val

in Val-de-Guéblange
Plant de baies de goji© C.Turpin – Sarreguemines Tourisme
Plant de baies de goji

The goji berry, which Nicolas likes to pronounce really “godji”, is a fruit that is particularly close to his heart. This small fruit grows in China, on the Tibetan plateau, and has been cultivated there for hundreds of years. Its antioxidant properties and its vitamin and fibre content make it an extraordinary fruit! Nicolas told us some stories about his life in China, and in particular how he saw the phytosanitary treatments on the goji berry crops. He quickly realised that this fruit, which had the reputation of being a super food, was in fact not so super.

Originally from Sarre-Union in Alsace, this native of the region came back to France a few years ago and decided to settle in Val-de-Guéblange to launch his farm Le Goji du Val.

How to grow

The goji berry in France?

How is it possible for Nicolas to grow goji berries in France? He planted some 1200 plants on his farm, but not just any plants… He had the opportunity to meet two nurserymen and a geneticist, who had worked for about ten years on the perfect plant, balanced in taste and sugar and, most importantly for Nicolas, labelled organic. These are therefore organically created plants that can be grown in France!

Goji berries…

but not only!
Exploitation Le Goji du Val au Val-de-Guéblange© C.Turpin – Sarreguemines Tourisme
Exploitation Le Goji du Val au Val-de-Guéblange
Serres de l'exploitation Le Goji du Val au Val-de-Guéblange© C.Turpin – Sarreguemines Tourisme
Serres de l'exploitation Le Goji du Val au Val-de-Guéblange

On his large farm, Nicolas does not only produce goji berries! He also grows fish, saskatoon trees (a shrub that produces a small purple fruit similar to the blueberry) which he transforms into jam and he has also installed beehives near the goji berry plants to not only ensure the pollination of the plants but also to be able to produce goji honey, a world first!

Nicolas will also soon be planting several heart-shaped walnut trees, a variety of walnut tree whose stock originates from Japan (its plants were crossed in Canada) and which owes its name to the shape of the fruit, which is heart-shaped!


Le Goji du Val

A self-sufficient operation

In addition to his crops, Nicolas processes his own raw materials (jams, herbal teas, etc.). To do this, he has built a building on the farm that is 100% self-sufficient in electricity, thanks to solar panels, and in water, thanks to a rainwater storage and filtration system.

Nicolas’ products

On sale in our shop!

Produit en boutique Le Goji du Val© Sarreguemines Tourisme
Produits en boutique Le Goji du Val

Find Nicolas’ products on sale in the shop of the Sarreguemines Confluences Tourist Office:

  • Goji Berry Jam, 7 €
  • Goji Leaf Infusion, 5,50€
  • Wild Chamomile Flower Infusion, 5,50€


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