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On Sunday 17 April 2022, we will celebrate Easter with its traditional egg hunt! For this occasion, we went to meet Franck Kestener, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier Confiseur and World Pastry Champion. He is constantly on the lookout for new products to combine with refined cocoa to guarantee you a moment of sweetness. The pleasure of the eyes is not left out, on the occasion of Easter, several mouldings are made. We almost feel guilty about eating them, they are so beautiful!

Franck Kestener - RéalisationsJLauer – Office de Tourisme Sarreguemines
Franck Kestener - Réalisations


 Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier Confiseur and World Pastry Champion

 Chocolate factory Franck Kestener

How long has the Frank Kestener chocolate factory existed?

Here in Sarreguemines I settled in January 1998, so for 24 years.

When do you start preparing for Easter?

On average we start 6 weeks before Easter.

How many creations do you make each year for Easter?

There are some basic Easter classics that we do every year. Some years, when we can, we define a theme that will be the guiding line for our creations. This year we have some new designs like this tree perched on a nest with a bird or the little ladybird.

During a creation, how does your manufacturing process work?

It often starts with a drawing, a sketch or simply an idea. When we create a new confectionery product, we also think about how we can use the product to make a bunny or an Easter egg, for example. For me, the idea is above all that our creations form a whole.

Are there any differences between your shops in Sarreguemines, Saarbrücken and Paris in terms of the main products that are bought there?

In Saarbrücken, what works best is our pastries. That’s really what motivates customers to push open the door of our shop there! Afterwards, the major difference between Paris and Saarbrücken is that in Paris, especially with the means of transport used by Parisians [the metro, the bus…], customers mostly buy smaller items that can easily fit into a bag.

Finally, what is your favourite chocolate?

I could always tell you that it’s the latest creation! It’s the latest baby to be born, the darling [laughs]! And at the moment, it’s Modestie, a praline made with muscovado sugar, a pure and unrefined cane sugar with a high molasses content. This sugar gives a taste close to liquorice! It was very interesting for us to work on this new product. Instead of changing almond, peanut or pistachio, we wanted to change the classic white sugar. Just before this praline, we had made one with maple syrup to replace the sugar. And right away it changed the taste of the praline fundamentally!

[Editor’s note: we were able to taste the Modestie praline and it was a delight! A sweetness that leaves you with a delicious chocolate taste in your mouth for several minutes ❤]

Franck Kestener - CréationsJLauer – Office de Tourisme Sarreguemines
Franck Kestener - Créations


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