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A meeting, an opportunity, a click and a passion for a know-how, a material of predilection is born. The destination Sarreguemines Confluences has several talented craftsmen-creators. Their meeting plunges you into a sensory universe where everything is handmade. Today, it is Joffrey Jaming, alias Joff le Barbu, craftsman leatherworker, who opens the doors of his workshop in Sarralbe...


Atelier Les cuirs Le Barbu© C.Turpin – Sarreguemines Tourisme
Atelier Les cuirs Le Barbu
Your story?
Joffrey Jaming - portrait© C. Turpin – Sarreguemines Tourisme

Your background, when and how did your business start?

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to salvage the leather from my grandmother’s sofa that was about to be thrown away. I didn’t know yet what I was going to do with it. Passionate about motorbikes, I then had the idea of making a pannier out of it. One thing led to another and I became interested in the trade of leatherworker. I am self-taught. I learned a lot by watching tutorials on the Internet on the different techniques. A lot of work and patience too, which I didn’t have at the beginning.
I then started my own workshop in my cellar, then B’Tattoo Shop in Sarralbe offered me to move into a new space, in their SHOP, which I have been occupying for over a year. We have the same universe, it was a great opportunity.
The tattoo parlour, the shop, the exhibition and the sale of my articles as well as my workshop are gathered in the same place.

For the short story,
my attraction for leather started already as a child, when I entered a shop and was immediately struck by the smell of leather. I bought a small kit there, which I kept and still use today.

Sacoches Les cuirs le barbu© C. Turpin – Sarreguemines Tourisme
Your world?

The world of motorbikes and tattoos.
That’s why I like to make leather saddles and panniers. Craftsmanship and manual work are also part of this world.

What inspires you?

The smell, the feel of the material, like a cabinetmaker touching a piece of wood. I draw my ideas from the different qualities of leather and its warm colour palette: brown, black, camel, yellow….

I also like the time when most people had a leather bag. Children had their schoolbags made of this material. In fact, I take inspiration from this model to make my bags.

Your creations?

I offer a whole range of articles that has grown over the years.
Handbags, saddlebags, motorbike luggage, purses, wallets… I also work a lot on order. My creations can be made to measure.

Each piece is unique, for some of my creations the leather is smooth, on others the leather is sculpted.

What is your favourite product? I really like working with soft, fat leather, which is very soft to the touch and ideal for making handbags and purses.

What characterises your products? They are the best! (laughing). Quality is important to me. My products also have the MOSL quality approval.

Créations Les cuirs Le Barbu© C. Turpin – Sarreguemines Tourisme
What about tomorrow?

I would like to continue to evolve and make myself known. To expand the places where my articles are sold in different specialised shops, to leave a trace of my work.

A motto?

“Do it yourself”, create yourself.

Where can you find your creations?

Here in Sarralbe or at fairs and motorbike gatherings and soon at the Sarreguemines Confluences Tourist Office. I also take part in craft markets in the region.
Interested people can also contact me from my Facebook page.


Tampon Les cuirs le barbu© C. Turpin – Sarreguemines Tourisme

Les Cuirs Le Barbu
Leather craftsmanship
Creation and repair
+33 (0)6 23 11 27 76

Workshop and showroom: 3, rue du Colonel Blondel
F-57430 SARRALBE (Moselle)


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