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They are passed on to all generations: the legends and traditions of Easter. But there is one that is particularly relevant to us, and that is the Easter Bunny! Because it is not in all of France that the rabbit brings chocolate eggs back to the garden...

The origins of the

Easter Bunny

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Chasse aux oeufs de Pâques

The rabbit, which always appears in the fields in spring, has long been associated with fertility and renewal. Its tradition in Easter celebrations originated in Germany several centuries ago, when it was exported to the United States by German immigrants in the 18th century.

The origin of the rabbit is said to come from an old German legend which tells how a mother, without much money and unable to give her children sweets, decorated eggs which she hid in the garden on Easter Day. When the children went hunting for the eggs in the garden, they saw a rabbit and thought that it was the rabbit that had laid the eggs!

La déesse Éostre par Johannes Gehrts© Johannes Gehrts
La déesse Éostre par Johannes Gehrts

Another origin comes from Saxony, Germany, where the goddess Eostre was celebrated at the spring equinox. Her emblematic animal was none other than… the rabbit! It is from the name of this goddess that the Easter celebrations are called Easter.

The celebrations of


In a large part of eastern France, and particularly in Moselle, our German heritage has left us with the tradition of the Easter rabbit or hare who comes to lay the chocolate eggs.

In the rest of France, it is traditionally the Easter bells, back from Rome at the end of Holy Week, that bring the Easter chocolates on the day they ring again.

In the end, whether it’s the rabbit, the hare or the bells that bring us the chocolate, whether you’re young or old, any occasion is good for a treat ☺!

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